The ASEAN Research Institute for Strategic Studies and Enterprise -ARiSE is the first and the leading research institute in the Philippines that will provide strategic policy perspectives to guide and support the country in responding to the opportunities and challenges of ASEAN regional integration from 2015 and onwards, ARiSE is a partnership between business and academia, a dynamic and forward-looking community of scholars and analysts committed and engaged in action-oriented research agitating for national development. ARiSE gathers the best of emerging scientific minds in the country around the five high-impact knowledge areas that will benefit institutions of higher learning, private enterprises and the various organs and decision-making bodies of the national government and ASEAN.

It was created and formed with the following objectives in mind: (1) to debate pressing regional political, social and economic issues, critically aligned with ASEAN integration and impacting on national development; (2) to draw expert analysis and innovative answers building on links between business and top-level research institutions, national governments, civil society organizations and international institutions; (3) to disseminate new knowledge and scholarly research in five knowledge areas within regional context of Southeast Asia:

  1. Education and Seamless Environments 
  2. Business and Social Enterprise
  3. Diplomacy and International Relations
  4. Eco-systems and Bio-diversity
  5. Migration and Labour Mobility